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In 2013, Aaron's 10 year old cousin Sarah decided to start

Aaron's iPad Lending Library.

Shortly after being diagnosed, several of Aaron's mother's friends got together and bought Aaron an iPad.  No one really knew at that time, just how important that iPad would be during Aaron't treatment.

Sarah recognized early though just how important Aaron's iPad was to him during his cancer treatment.  Aaron could not be around his cousins that he loves so much.  Being around kids who are in school and who may be carrying germs, bacteria, viruses, is not good or even really possible for a child undergoing immune system draining chemotherapy.  But through Aaron's iPad, he could Facetime his cousins any time.

Playing games or even earning new Apps for the iPad became a great incentive for making it through painful treatments, bouts of nausea, etc.  He could disappear into a movie or listen to music, all on his own terms, whenever he wanted.

Sarah realized that while Aaron was lucky enough to have his own iPad, other kids are not as lucky.  The hospital only has one iPad to share among the other children.  That is why Sarah started Aaron's iPad Lending Library.

Team Aaron is raising funds to buy more iPads, durable iPad cases, and apps, so there will be a library stocked with iPads for any of the kids receiving cancer treatment to use while they are in the hospital.

Please take a couple of minutes of your time to watch Sarah's video, to learn more about Aaron's iPad Lending Library.  Please then donate to help this wonderful program.