About Team Aaron

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Aaron and his parents were so thankful to everyone who gave love and support during his treatment, that before he even completed his seven months of chemotherapy, they were dedicated to find a way to give back.  Team Aaron, Inc. was started for that purpose.

It was Aaron’s then 10 year old cousin, Sarah, who provided the idea for the first program of Team Aaron.  Her brilliant idea was Aaron’s iPad Lending Library.  She saw how much Aaron’s iPad meant to him during treatment, and knew that every kid with cancer should have access to an iPad while going through treatment.

The main goal for all activities of Team Aaron is to provide uplifting distractions and enjoyment for children with cancer who are stuck in a hospital, getting chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and otherwise being poked and prodded by doctors and nurses.  Team Aaron wants every child in the hospital to feel loved, have fun and just be a kid.  Team Aaron seeks contributions in order to provide the kids with these non-medical essentials.  It is Team Aaron's belief and experience that fun, joy, laughter and love, are all essential in the fight against cancer.  It is Team Aaron’s goal to give kids fighting cancer a positive spirit, and a sense of normalcy.